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Create Oscar-Worthy, Disney-Style Animated Marketing Videos In Minutes Without Any Skills, Knowledge Or Experience.

10X Your Conversions & Level Up Your Video Marketing With A Proven
Animated Video Creator With A Whole World Of Animated Spokespeople To Suit Your Every Marketing Message - No Matter The Niche -

AND We’re Even Giving You Your Own Profitable Animated Video Agency.


VidToon 2.1

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Much Faster: We’ve Outdone Ourselves. The All-New Editor Works Faster Than Ever Before. We Help You Create 2D Animated Explainer Videos in Record Time.

Much More! More Ready-To-Go Animated Characters Included For Just About Any Scenario And Niche That You Want To Dominate

Much Bigger! Expanded Royalty Free Library With HD Background Images and Music Files Ready With A Click!

Much More Global! Create creative animated videos that fit global standards

More Automated Voiceovers: Your Animated Explainer Video A Touch of Reality With Our Microsoft and Google Dynamic Text To Speech Options!

Much Longer!Now Create Animated Explainer Videos That Are Up To 25 Min Long As Compared To Just 3 Min Earlier. Sell A Longer Explainer Video For More Profits

Much More Profitable: Free Commercial License Upgrade Included So You Can Make Money From All Your Explainer Videos Without Legal Hassles

Much Smarter: We Know What Works Best! Drag & Drop Items Onto The Scene & Let Us Work Our Auto-Positioning Magic!

Much More Social (And Viral!) Create videos for your social media platforms by choosing any resolution that best corresponds to your platform

Much More Animated: Upgrade your regular text from old-fashioned style to animated text techniques.

Much More Personal: Leverage every aspect of video editing by importing your own videos

Much More Multitasking: 3X Timelines Per Category - Manage Your Items With Greater Ease!

Much Higher Quality: FHD Export - Redefine Great Quality!

Much More Focused: Camera Zoom In/Out Feature- Focus On What Matters

Much More Modern: Sexy, Slick & ULTRA-MODERN User Interface- For Our Smart Users!

Much More Inside: Built-In Images, GIFs & Icons- We’re Bringing The World To Your Doorstep In Association With Pixabay & Giphy To Make Your Explainer Video Effective!

Much More Cinematic FX: More Animations & Transitions- Change The Rules of The Game! Be In It To Win It.

And A Whole Lot Much More…

Check It Out In Action For Yourself

VidToon 2.1 Is Going To Improve The Way Your Customers Do Video Marketing

Sky-Rocketing Their Profits, Sales & Conversions With Amazing Pixar-Style Animated Videos

With Real, Relatable Characters That Talk Directly To The Viewer And Deliver Their Marketing Message.

Made & Rendered In Just Minutes With Drag n’ Drop Ease.

AND They Can Even Set Up Their Own Animated Video Agency In Minutes - ZERO Experience Required!

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Here’s A Quick Sneak Peak At Our Top

Vidtoon™ 2.1 Features

They Can Easily Edit Everything Inside The App

You can easily add and edit videos inside Vidtoon 2.1’s clever editor

It’s All In There For Them

With thousands of stock videos included, your customers will never need to waste time search for video footage elsewhere.

Even The HD Stuff

Built-in library with more than 100 HD backgrounds, 25 HD characters each with 20 different animations.

They Can Easily Add In Their Own

Import your own backgrounds, images and more

And Quickly Animate Their Text

So, creating amazing intro and outros has never been easier.

They Can Add Cinematic, Oscar Worthy FX

Easily add transitions, flips, objects and special effects.

They Can Make Their Videos Sound Great

+150 royalty free music tracks..

Adding Voiceover Is A Doddle

Record or import your own voice over easily in-app

Even If They Don’t Want To Speak Themselves…

Free and realistic Google and Microsoft Text 2 Speech included as standard

Universal So Their Videos Can Reach Anyone, Anywhere

Works in any language or niche.


VidToon 2.1 is something you will use over and over again – and will become a staple tool in your marketing arsenal.

And with no hosting or rendering fees there are practically no limits to the animated videos you can create with VidToon 2.1.

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And All It Takes For Your Customers
Is Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


They Download VidToon™

Register using their email and get ready to make their first video

Step 2


They can use VidToon’s newest range of characters to boost their video views and conversions, incorporate GIFs and add superb SFX and royalty free music.

They simply drag, drop and click to create striking videos in just minutes.

Step 3


They export their rendered videos in seconds and share with their audience on any platform to profit exponentially.

Here’s What Real People Are Saying About VidToon 2.1

Included Exclusive Instant Upgrade 1:

Have Our Army of VidToon Designers, Animators and Copywriters Working For You Full-Time To Create You Brand New Video Templates Each Single Month…
And Only Pay ONE TIME.


VidToon Club

Get 150 HD Templates INSTANTLY +120 EVERY SINGLE MONTH Like These:

Take ALL The Guesswork Out Of What's Going To Convert And Let Our Highly Experienced Team Of Expert Designers And Marketers Help You Quickly Grow Your Business & Brand.


+150 DELUXE Templates With Professional Voice Overs:








Auto Body Service







+1600 Animated Characters

+100 FHD Cartoon Backgrounds

+150 Soundtracks

Heavy Base And Claps
Epic Stomp Trailer
Electric Heavy Base
Drums And Base Riff
Drum Roll Claps
Cool Stomps
Clicks Claps And Drums
Clicks And Claps
Base Claps And Electric Guitar

Added Every Month For 12 Months

(That’s More Than 1,590 Templates In Total!)

PLUS: Instantly Get:

+120 NEW Templates With Professional Voice Overs

+100 FHD Cartoon Backgrounds

+400 Animated Characters


And Remember… You Can Use All These Templates Not Just For Yourself… But To Make Money From Your Clients Too!

VidToon™ 2.1 Template Club comes with full commercial rights meaning that you can use all the templates, characters and sounds to create videos for businesses and then sell them for big profits.

(Value: $297) Saving You 20% On The Already Discounted Launch Price!

It’s ALL The Benefits Of A Template Club WITHOUT The Monthly Cost!

Included Exclusive Instant Upgrade 2:

Turn ANY Text Into A Natural Lifelike Voice-Over…In Just A Few Clicks. And Deliver Your Marketing Message In An Engaging, Professional Conversational Way That SELLS.


Automatically Transform Any Text Into a 100% Human Sounding VoiceOver With Only 3 Clicks.

Voicely Will Make You Question If We Are Using Actual Human Voices...You Will Never Want to Use Another Voice-Over Technology Ever Again!

Convert Text To Speech Instantly

Fully-Automated AI Powered Software.

This Video Was 100% Created With Voicely!

Experience Our HUMAN Sounding Voice Over First Hand:

Voicely Is The Only Software On The Market Offering
Up To 60 Languages And 600+ Voices And Counting…

You can use the voices on Vidtoon 2.1 or any other video editing software.

Voicely Is Perfect For Producing…Creative Text To Speech Videos, Including:

Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

Easy AI Text To Speech
Educational Videos

Easy Convert Text To Sound

Marketing Videos
Easy Convert Text To Speech

Animated Videos

Easy Convert Text To Speech Online
Audio Books

Easy Convert Text To Voice

Explainer Videos
Easy Text To Sound Converter


And SO Much More.

We’ll Let You In On A Secret - Our Voicely Text-to-Speech Technology Combines

The BEST Of IBM, Azure AI, Google & Amazon!

WaveNet technology has been described by Forbes as “the biggest breakthrough in artificial voice generation in more than two decades.”

Rather than stringing syllables together, WaveNet uses a set of complex rules to determine how each soundwave should be formed, so:

Certain syllables are emphasized more
The voice over has different tones that make it sound 100% natural
There’s natural pauses for breath
This makes WaveNet the closest to human speech of all the technologies available on the market today

Save Hiring AN UNRELIABLE, EXPENSIVE Freelancer -
(And Shell Out At Least $250 For Just A Minute Or So Of Video…)

Or Struggle Unconfidently Reading Aloud Scripts That Don’t Sound Professional, Recorded In A Less-Than-Ideal Environment & Be Restricted By Your Language & Gender…


Use Voicely

And Maximize Your Profits By Using Optimized Videos With Professional Voiceovers And Engage Your Audience With Natural, Engaging Text-to-Speech That Speaks Right To Your Customers.

In Just #5 Easy Steps With Voicely You Can


When was the last time you watched a silent movie? That’s because voice-overs made movies more interesting and fun to watch. Silent movies are history.


Listening to convincing and natural voices urging you to take action is proven to overpower reading a written call to action time and time again.


A voice-over helps your brand to establish a personal connection with your prospects and customers, building trust and confidence and resulting in additional purchases and more profits.


Often, a purely visual concept fails to effectively deliver your message - as it leaves too much room for interpretation. However a visual message along with a voice-over ensures that the audience gets your exact message and takes action.


High-quality, big brand videos almost always use Voice-overs. By doing this your business will automatically command a great impression over your intended audience and establish you as an ultra-professional brand.

Now Create Professional Voice-Overs Instantly
- WITHOUT Any Technical Skills!

Step 1

Simply Type Or Copy & Paste ANY Text, Sentence, Paragraph, Story or More Into Voicely’s Text-to-Speech Editor.

Step 2

Browse Our Wide Range Of Over 600 Voices And Choose The Voice That Most Suits Your Message. (Male, Female, Old, Young - We’ve Got You Covered!)

Step 3

Instantly Generate Your Voiceover Using Our Instant Text Reader. Click The “Speak It” Button To Listen To Your Voice-Over And Simply Click The “Add To Timeline” Button To Instantly Add It To Your Video.

Step 4

Customize! Change Your Voice Type, Pitch, & Speed With Just One Click. Add Professional Background Music To Give More Depth, Atmosphere And Excitement To Your Voice-Over.

Step 5

Export With Just One Single Click Into An Ultra Compatible MP3 - Suitable For ANY Device / Browser.

Included Exclusive Instant Upgrade 3:

Going Global Is Not Optional Anymore – It’s The ONLY Way Forward…




The ONLY Multilingual Video Translator App With Built-In LIVE Streaming Technology… And Empower Your Every Viewer To Watch Your Videos In Their Every Language - Even Whilst Streaming!

Meaning NO ONE Ever Misses Your Marketing Message -
And YOU Never Lose Profits Ever Again.

This AI Powered Video Translation Software Automatically Translates Your AUDIO or VIDEO to TEXT

Into Over 50+ Major International Languages.
And It’s All So Fast, Accurate and Easy.

(Value: $297) Saving You 20% On The Already Discounted Launch Price!

Select Your Language, Accent & Dialect From The 270+
Global Voices
And 50+ Major Languages Inside Streamr:

Google Wavenet Voices is integrated and gives you a choice of converting your videos into any language you want to reach and sell to. You can even use multiple speech voices in one video!

As Well As Automatic And Instant Translation On Videos
Both Recorded And LIVE STREAMED!

There is also automated caption creation, translation, and placement, as well as a built-in live stream on YouTube & Facebook (share your videos across any platform that supports RTMP).

Going global is not optional anymore -- it’s the ONLY way forward.

As a marketer, you’re now stepping into a new era

The borders are melting away and the world is fast becoming one big unit.

Following the trends and capitalizing on them early – is what separates the $$$ winners like you - from the losers.

Streamr Will Help You:

Surge Your Conversions

Tap into the huge foreign speaking market and multiply your video exposure by 75%...sending your conversions and profits through-the-roof.

Amplify Your Engagement:

Suck in views on Facebook YouTube, Dlive.Tv and D.Tube using Transcriptions - even when your video is muted!

Boost Your Video ROI:

Use every video to effortlessly dominate competitive niches by reaching millions of foreign speaking and hearing-impaired customers and prospects.

Incredibly Fast And Easy to Use:

Streamr is desktop-based and the app puts everything in your control and generates your translated videos without any frustrating waiting times.

No Special Skills Or Experience Needed:

Effortlessly translate, transcribe, and add captions & voice-overs in over 50+ major languages with over 270 different voices

Really Easy To Sell To Offline Clients:

Our customers and we have already made over $250,000 by selling their multi-lingual videos to rabid clients! Now you can too!

(Value: $297) Saving You 20% On The Already Discounted Launch Price!

Streamr Will Get You More Engagement & Sales Beyond Your Wildest Imagination As You Get Free Traffic On Demand From ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Automatic Video Transcribing

Automatic Video Translation

Overlay Subtitles

SDH Subtitles

Automatic Audio Translation

Automatic Audio Transcribing

Automatically Synced Subtitles

Automated Voice Over

Automated Voice Level Control

Export Subtitles in SRT, VTT and XML

Automated Caption Creation

Automated Caption Placement

Automated Caption Translation

Multilingual Audio Translator

Built-In Live Stream To YouTube & Facebook

100% Whitehat And Approved Software

Share Videos in Just 1-Click

Import your own SRT File

Ultra-Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support

Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials Included

Newbie Friendly App

PREMIUM SUPPORT: Response in 60 minutes


Get a Closer Look At Streamr Through The Eyes Of Real Customers:

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